The Coordination culturelle (Cultural Coordination Unit) of Luxembourg City – established at the Cercle Cité – was set up in 2007 to implement the cultural policy defined by the college of aldermen. It is tasked with ensuring the consistency and quality of Luxembourg City's cultural offerings, and encouraging interdisciplinary cultural projects. Currently comprising three people, the Coordination culturelle team serves as a liaison between the various cultural actors, and is the main point of contact for the city's cultural institutions. It also acts as an intermediary, and provides external cultural organisers with advice and useful information.

The Coordination culturelle team is also involved in international cultural coordination, and presides over the culture project group of the QuattroPole network.

Ville de Luxembourg

Aid for cultural projects

Under certain conditions, the organisers of cultural projects may apply to the City of Luxembourg for financial aid or logistical support.

Panorama de la Ville, vue sur le Kirchberg

Architecture and heritage

The City of Luxembourg is known for the striking contrast between its old fortifications, classic 18th and 19th century buildings, and modern architectural gems...

quartier du Grund, vue sur l'Abbaye de Neumünster et le jardin du Klouschtergaart

Art and culture

The city's municipal cultural hubs put on an eclectic programme of events, which is further supplemented by a number of independent stages.

Vernissage Expo Romain Urhausen Parc de Merl

Art in Merl Park

Find out more about the exhibitions in Merl Park.

graffiti sur palissade de chantier sur la place Guillaume II

Construction site hoardings

Construction site hoardings are an ideal space for exhibiting ephemeral art, as the built-in end date perfectly reflects the nature of this art form.

gobelets réutilisables

Eco-friendly events

We are committed to ensuring events held in Luxembourg City are eco-friendly, by investing in reusable containers, promoting public transport and reducing energ...


An individual pass issued upon request to persons or families experiencing economic hardship. The pass entitles its holder to free admission to all Luxembourg C...

Colibri thalassin


La Rencontre de 2 Mondes (Two Worlds Collide) is a new exhibition, spotlighting the diversity of bird life found in South America and in Luxembourg.

Le Mur

"LE MUR Luxembourg" urban art project in the Gare district

salle enfants à la Cité Bibliothèque

Libraries and research centres

The City of Luxembourg has many general and special interest libraries and research centres.

Diffusion d'un film lors du Luxembourg City Film Festival

Luxembourg City Film Festival

Since 2007, the Luxembourg City Film Festival has become an annual event for film lovers of all stripes.

Luxembourg Ticket

Buy your tickets for Luxembourg City cultural events via the "Luxembourg Ticket" national ticket office located at the Grand Théâtre.

bâtiment du Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg


The Grand Duchy has a strong musical tradition and offers a wide programme of events. The City of Luxembourg encourages and promotes music making in many ways.

personne jouant au piano devant le Palais Grand-Ducal

My Urban Piano

Public pianos dot the city during the summer

Cinéma en plein air dans la cour du Théâtre des Capucins

Other film festivals

Luxembourg City Film Festival, Nordic Film Festival, City Open Air with Orange, British and Irish Film Season, CinEast – Central and Eastern European Film Festi...

Cercle Cité sur la place d'Armes

Other museums and exhibition venues

Most of the city's museums and art centres belong to the association "d’stater muséeën".

Illustration achat photos - Photothèque


The Luxembourg City Photothèque (Photographic Archive) has extensive collections dating back to the very dawn of photography. Initiatives promoting photography ...

Caméra photographie

Photography festivals supported by Luxembourg City

European Month of Photography, PhotoMeetings and Rencontres d'Arles (2017 to 2019).

Art urbain sur mur d’expression libre à Dommeldange

Pilot projects

To cater to the growing number of artists and the diversity of styles, Luxembourg City provides local artists with various platforms for a limited time.

Schluechthaus 2022 porte ouverte


An architectural design competition will be launched in 2022 for the redevelopment of the Schluechthaus site.

the neverending pattern

The Neverending Pattern

Every Thursday, the City invites everyone who feels like getting creative to engage in a communal art project: "The Neverending Pattern".

Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

Theatre and performing arts

From theatre to opera to dance, lovers of the performing arts are spoilt for choice in Luxembourg City.

Art urbain dans la rue louvigny par l'artiste Sumo

Urban art in Luxembourg City

The City of Luxembourg maintains high standards in terms of the quality of the artwork displayed in its public spaces, and only collaborates with professional a...

Lisa Junius Cercle

Urban arts

Mural painting, stencilling, graffiti, hip hop, breakdancing, rap, and slam are all forms of artistic expression that Luxembourg City seeks to support and promo...