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If you are aged 60 or older, you are eligible for the assistance services for senior citizens offered by the City of Luxembourg in collaboration with the non-profit organisation ProActif ASBL. These services are also intended for persons who, for health reasons, are temporarily disabled or incapacitated.

For help with maintenance or minor repairs inside or outside your home, or in carrying out certain tasks, please get in touch with ProActif directly on 27 33 44 411 from 8:15 to 16:15, Monday to Friday.

Just one call and you will get all the help you need!

The assistance offered covers two main areas:

Manual labour

Outdoor maintenance

  • Watering of flowers and/or the lawn
  • Collection of fallen leaves
  • General cleaning

Indoor maintenance and repairs

  • Minor repairs: changing light bulbs, fixing door locks, tap repairs, etc.
  • Clearing of cellars or attics


Help with everyday tasks

  • Shopping
  • Going the pharmacy
  • Getting to medical appointments (only for senior citizens)
  • Help with trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, bank, municipal office or cemetery (only for senior citizens)


The services provided are billed as follows:

Charge per hour, per person


Flat-rate travel fee


Other travel costs (travel from the customer's home and back, shopping trips, etc.)

€0.60 per kilometre

Parking and material costs

as invoiced

The full hourly charge applies for the first hour of any service. Subsequent hours are billed in half-hour increments. Costs for materials may be added to the service fee.

The bill will be issued by the City of Luxembourg.

Please sign the service sheet given to you by the ProActif employee, which specifies the time required for the maintenance, repair or assistance. This sheet is used to prepare the bill.

Additional information

Please see the brochure for further details:

the department

Contact details

13, rue Notre-Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–16:00, by appointment only

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