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Extension of the vel'OH! network

The City's vel'OH! network is now even bigger: Leudelange, Mamer and Niederanven have just adopted the system, joining the municipalities of Bertrange, Hesperange and Strassen, where it has been available for some time.

"AVL Live-Paper" pilot project

Digital screens displaying real-time information have been installed to replace conventional timetables, adding real value for passengers.

Walking bus pilot project

With this healthy, safe and environmentally friendly means of transport, children can walk to school safely with their friends under adult supervision.

Changes to traffic flow in the Gare district

Reorganisation of traffic in and around the Rue de Strasbourg meanwhile the completion of underground infrastructure works and a project to redesign the street in Rue de Strasbourg.

Inter-school competition: "Mam Vëlo, zu Fouss oder mam Bus an d’Schoul"

The purpose of the competition – which is aimed at students in Cycles 1 to 4 and scheduled to take place between 20 September and 15 October 2021 – is to promote active travel by encouraging pupils to walk, cycle or take the bus to school. Each child will receive one stamp for each trip to school on foot, by bike or by bus, and the school with the most stickers will win.

Awareness-raising campaign

An awareness campaign run by the City of Luxembourg, in conjunction with Info-Handicap and other partners, to promote empathy, respect and consideration for persons with special needs using public transport and related infrastructure.

The campaign centres around five key messages designed to draw attention to different types of discrimination and gives examples of everyday scenarios where people without special needs should be more mindful so they can support those who do have special needs. Wheelchair users, elderly people, pregnant women, people with a learning disability, parents travelling with pushchairs and even people with an invisible special need may all encounter challenging situations. A positive attitude or a considerate gesture can change the journey or experience of a fellow passenger with special needs. To help encourage these actions, there will be posters and videos that communicate different messages and provide real-world, practical examples that both make public transport users aware of the barriers they themselves put up against other passengers, and offer helpful, easy solutions they can adopt to make their journey more inclusive and comfortable for everyone.

In keeping with the "Design for All" concept, the campaign meets accessibility criteria such as easy-to-understand messages and high contrast to enhance readability. A description of the campaign in simple language – both French and German – is also available on the websites of the various actors involved.

The City of Luxembourg, Info-Handicap and their partners believe that this campaign will help make our entire community more attuned to the special needs of the people around us, and as such encourage all passengers to adopt simple, inclusive behaviours embodying the attitude that the slogan, "Tous solidaires sur nos itinéraires" (It's everyone's journey), seeks to promote.

Call for testimonials on the subject of respect and solidarity on public transport

As part of the "Tous solidaires sur nos itinéraires" (It's everyone's journey) campaign, Info-Handicap and the City of Luxembourg are issuing a public call for testimonials: everyone is invited to share their experiences – whether positive or negative – on the subject of respect and solidarity on public transport and related infrastructure.

These valuable testimonials will be studied and used to help shape the European Mobility Week 2022 awareness campaign to ensure that it simultaneously highlights best practices and targets the specific areas where more action is needed. Send your testimonial before the end of 2021 by email to

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