In short

In the summer of 2022, vibrant decorations adorned the streets and public squares of the city to the delight of visitors and shoppers. Oversized lampshades, flags, bunting, butterflies and leaves hung high over a number of streets, bringing colourful flair to the city.


Mid-July to mid-September.

Locations and decorations

  • Rue Louvigny
    • oversized lamp shades
  • Rue Philippe II
    • colourful butterflies*
  • Rue du Curé
    • oversized lamp shades
  • Rue de la Boucherie
    • green leaves*
  • Place de Paris
    • A miniature 14-metre Eiffel tower
  • Avenue de la Liberté
    • flags and bunting

*Eco-friendly materials used to create our decorations

Our decorations are assembled using a recycled aluminium frame, which can be recycled again. Our decorations are printed using large 3D printers using Bioprint or Recyprint materials. The light components used consist exclusively of LEDs, which are recycled after use and interconnected using the Octoplus system.
These new sustainable materials enable us to eliminate over 80% of the aluminium used in our 2D decorations, which has a significant impact on our carbon footprint.
In fact, the manufacturing process for these Bioprint and Recyprint materials emits 10 times less CO2 than for aluminium.