In short

Though the current pavilion in Place d'Armes has only stood since 1933, there has been a bandstand in the square since 1875, hosting performances by brass and woodwind ensembles, jazz and classical outfits, big bands and other ambient music. Thus, there is a long-standing tradition of events – and concerts in particular – in Place d'Armes. In the mid-19th century, military concerts were regularly being held in the square. Today, a widely varied cast of musicians perform for the pleasure of audiences sitting on the many terraces bathed in the shade of the large plane trees that line the square.

Dates, times and venue


15 May to 3 August 2022.
(With the exception of the Luxembourg Military Band recital on 4 September from 11:00 to noon).


  • Wednesday: 19:00–20:00
  • Sunday: 11:00–12:00 ("aperitif concert")


Place d'Armes.

2022 programme

With the restaurant and café terraces back in operation for the 2022 season in Place d'Armes after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the Service Espace public, fêtes et marches (Department of Public Spaces, Festivals and Markets) is staging a musical programme of Luxembourg woodwind and brass ensembles at the Place d'Armes pavilion, running from May to September 2022.

05/06/2022 Harmonie de Soleuvre 11:00–12:00
08/06/2022 Musik Gilsdref 19:00–20:00
12/06/2022 Fanfare Municipale Neudorf-Weimershof 11:00–12:00
17/06/2022 Fête de la Musique 12:00–22:00
19/06/2022 UGDA Museksdag 11:00–17:00
26/06/2022 Douane's Musek 11:00–12:00
29/06/2022 Harmonie Merl-Belair 19:00–20:00
03/07/2022 Luxembourg Military Band 11:00–12:00
06/07/2022 Simmer Duerfmusek 20:00–21:00
10/07/2022 Fanfare Medernach 11:00–12:00
13/07/2022 Bartrenger Musek 20:30–21:30
14/07/2022 Bastille Day – Harmonie Municipale de Differdange 20:00–21:00
20/07/2022 Harmonie Municipale Luxembourg-Eich 20:30–21:30
21/07/2022 Belgian National Day – Fanfare Grand-Ducale Luxembourg-Clausen 20:30–22:00
22/07/2022 Wiener Owend – Luxembourg Military Band and Roulling School of Dance 20:30–22:00
24/07/2022 UGDA – Music Week 11:00–12:00
04/09/2022 Luxembourg Military Band 11:00–12:00