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  • Common Name (English): Wood Pigeon.
  • Scientific Name: Columba palumbus.


The generic name Columba comes from the Latin columba and means "dove". The specific epithet palumbus comes from the Latin {palumba, ae}, which also means “dove".

Distribution and habitat

Another common inhabitant of Luxembourgish parks and gardens, an animal widely distributed throughout the country, the Wood Pigeon is a common prey of crows, raptors and domestic cats.

In many European agricultural areas, it is considered a pest due to its interest in cereal fields. As a result, in these regions, its behaviour may be much more cautious than that of individuals living in cities, which cope perfectly well with human presence.

This is one of the largest and heaviest species in its genus. For years, it has been widely targeted by hunters, but this does not seem to have affected its population, which is quite stable according to studies.

Although it is undoubtedly among the best known birds of the Grand Duchy, a good photograph of it will never be superfluous. In my opinion, it is an animal of very unique beauty. It is also an example of successful urban adaptation – it is a survivor of man’s environmental impact.

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