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La Rencontre de 2 Mondes (Two Worlds Collide) is a new exhibition, spotlighting the diversity of bird life found in South America and in Luxembourg. Through stunning documentary photographs, it highlights the fact that the ecological world is one vast, interwoven network, where boundaries are entirely meaningless. Birds recognise no geographic borders or political divides; to them, the whole planet is a single entity – a complex and unified web of mutual dependencies. The exhibition aims to raise public awareness of biodiversity, and educate visitors about environmental issues.


Brothers Fabian and Clemente Passariello have, for over two decades, been working together as wildlife journalists and documentarians. They have spent their lives recording the astounding biodiversity of the South American rainforest. They have co-authored no fewer than four books on neotropical birds, and set up the AVE (Archivo Visual Especializado – Specialist Visual Archive) project. In the past two years alone, through this initiative, the brothers have led over 300 workshops promoting ‘green’ thinking in indigenous and rural communities. Travelling over 20,000km through South America’s densest jungles, they have come face to face with the wondrous beauty, and terrifying dangers, of this unique and vibrant environment. For this reason, Fabian and Clemente are staunchly determined to share their passion for these treasures of the natural world, but also to safeguard them for generations to come.


Luxembourg is in an ideal strategic location in the beating heart of Europe, and has a reputation for animal welfare. That is why Fabian and Clemente have made it their new home, beginning the ‘next chapter’ of their activities, aiming to document the rich natural tapestry that Europe has to offer. Luxembourg has become the operations hub of the AVE project, disseminating knowledge about the natural world, and instilling a spirit of respect for nature, the natural landscape, and the biodiversity to which it is home.

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