The Service Ouvrages d'art (Civil Engineering Department) is tasked with the construction of

  • bridges, walkways, structures to supplement road and bike paths, as well as retaining walls for local roads;
  • new underground or elevated public car parks; and
  • any "special" structure, such as the elevator linking Pfaffenthal to Ville-Haute.

The Service Ouvrages d'art defines the criteria that such structures must fulfil from the outset. It assists and manages the design firms (consulting firms in civil engineering, technical engineering, architects, supervisory bodies, etc.) throughout the course of the project, starting with the drafting of contracts, until the work is completed and delivered. It also sees to it that the executing firms deliver the desired quality, and that the project stays within the approved budget. Lastly, it ensures that the types of constructions chosen are sustainable and low-maintenance.

However, the department's responsibilities are not limited to the initial construction. It also conducts ongoing inspections of the structures, organises and oversees the maintenance work, repairs, and clean-up after such operations. The Service Ouvrages d'art conducts ongoing inspections to evaluate the condition of these structures to ensure user safety and a normal rate of wear-and-tear. On the basis of inspection reports, any necessary repairs or maintenance works are scheduled and organised.

Since the department began its activities, the Service Ouvrages d'art has also been the first point of contact for all questions raised by the Luxembourg National Railway (CFL) during its projects in Luxembourg City. This helps CFL to adapt the projects in question as early as during its preliminary study to suit the future needs of Luxembourg City.

The German concept of Ingenieurbauwerke perfectly describes the department's activity.