The Service Logement (Housing Department) has a variety of duties. They include, in particular:

  • leasing and the administrative and technical management of social housing, social housing for seniors/people with reduced mobility, furnished rooms, affordable housing, and service accommodation;
  • the Secrétariat de la Commission des loyers (Secretariat of the Rent Committee) (Article 7 of the Law of 21 September 2006 on residential leases – loi du 21 septembre 2006 sur le bail à usage d'habitation);
  • managing the "Obenthalt" and "Moulin d'Edyt" shelters;
  • providing assistance during evictions from private homes/furnished rooms;
  • providing assistance to renters of social housing, social housing for seniors/people with reduced mobility, and furnished rooms; and
  • inspecting housing and rooms that have been rented out or made available for residential use.
chambre à coucher

Affordable housing (with allocation criteria)

The City has 620 affordable housing units for which tenants must meet allocation criteria established by grand-ducal decree.

Extérieur du bâtiment

Affordable housing (with selection criteria)

The City owns 41 affordable housing units for which tenants must meet a number of weighted selection criteria that include maximum income.

Tour Jacob - séjour et cuisine

Furnished rooms managed by the City of Luxembourg (with allocation criteria)

The City owns and rents out 121 furnished rooms. Tenants must meet a number of selection criteria, which are established by the applicable grand ducal regulatio...


The Service Logement manages 852 housing units belonging to the City of Luxembourg. These include social housing, housing for the elderly or persons living with...

Oversight of unsanitary rooms and housing

Mandatory procedures for leasing furnished accommodation.

Protection of personal property following eviction

With regard to the special procedures for managing the storage of the personal property of people who have been served an eviction order, the municipality and t...

Rent commission

The Commission des loyers (Rent Committee) is an arbitration body for landlords and tenants, which handles increases and reductions in rent.

Appartement à Merl

Renting property from the City of Luxembourg

Municipal housing, furnished rooms and community gardens available for rent subject to the eligibility of the applicant in line with the allocation criteria def...