The construction mediators (médiateurs de chantier) contribute to the flow of information between Luxembourg City's residents and its municipal administrations, they gather suggestions, convey complaints to the respective work site supervisors, and inform the general public about the progress of the work sites, as well as any changes resulting therefrom, in particular as concerns traffic and public transportation. The deployment of construction mediators for the urban environment also reflects the City's desire to provide transparent information about its construction projects and promote dialogue with citizens.

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Bonnevoie-Nord/Verlorenkost: redevelopment project

Redevelopment works as of the January 2023

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Bonnevoie-Sud: Rue de Wiltz

Roadworks in Bonnevoie-Sud on Rue de Wiltz until 2024.

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Bonnevoie: Rue de Pont-Rémy

Bonnevoie upgrade works on Rue Pont-Rémy between Rue Xavier de Feller and Rue Demy Schlechter until 2022.


Bonnevoie: Rue Marguerite-Séraphine Beving, Rue Xavier de Feller, Rue Jean-Baptiste Gellé, Rue Henri Vannérus, and Rue Pierre Krier

Infrastructure work will last until July 2022.

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Cents – Rue de Trèves and Rue Cents

Upgrade works will last until 2023.


Cessange: Rue des Artisans, Bei der Härewiss, Rue de Bouillon, Rue de Cessange

Infrastructure work will last until 2022.

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Cessange: Rue des Champs, Rue Nicolas Gredt, Rue Tubis

Upgrade works will last until the winter of 2022.

Chantier Accroche

Current construction projects

Type of work, schedules, traffic information, progress to date, home utility connections and contact information


Drains between two water treatment plants

Construction of a wastewater drainage system connecting the water treatment plants in Bonnevoie and Beggen, with completion expected in 2020.

Renaturation écologique Parc Vallée de la Pétrusse

Future projects

At any time, the City manages a range of projects that are in various stages of preparation and planning before reaching the execution phase.


Gare : rue de Strasbourg

Travaux de réaménagement jusqu'en été 2024.

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Hollerich: Rue Adolphe and Rue de Vianden

Roadworks in Hollerich: Rue Adolphe and Rue de Vianden, until 2024.

Impact of work sites on daily life

Minimising nuisances, construction mediators available to address your complaints and answer the most frequently asked questions during a project

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Limpertsberg: Avenue Louis Pasteur

Works on Avenue Louis Pasteur until 2023.


Limpertsberg: Boulevard Emmanuel Servais and Boulevard Paul Eyschen

Upgrade works will last until 2022.

Liaison cyclable nord-sud, Limpertsberg

Limpertsberg: north-south cycle path

Feasibility study for a north-south cycle path in Limpertsberg.

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Limpertsberg: Rue Henri VII

Utility and developments works ongoing until 2024.


Merl: Rue des Ligures, Rue de la Barrière, Rue de Virton and Rue de St Gengoul

Upgrade works will last until 2022.

Chantier en Ville

Ongoing works

View all ongoing works in Luxembourg City on an interactive map

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Rollingergrund – Rue de Reckenthal

Travaux d’infrastructures jusqu'en 2024.


Rollingergrund: Rue Jean-François Boch and Rue Louis Deny

Upgrade, replacement and enhancement works ongoing until 2022.

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Ville Haute/Grund: Montée du Grund and Rue Large

Upgrade works will last until August/September 2023.

Place de la Constitution

Ville Haute: Redevelopment of Place de la Constitution and Boulevard F.D. Roosevelt

The City and the Government of Luxembourg are to undertake a joint project to develop Place de la Constitution and its environs, creating a pleasant, multi-purp...

Place de l'étoile

Ville-Haute: Place de l’Étoile

<i></i>The urban development concept for Place de l'Étoile, a three-hectare site located close to the city centre.

Plan nouveau Knuedler

Ville-Haute: Place Guillaume II

Redevelopment work will be ongoing until 2023.

Parking Knuedler chantier escalier

Ville-Haute: Underground car park at Place Guillaume II

Extension and renovation works will be ongoing at the Knuedler car park until 2023.