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Sports and leisure

Luxembourg City's new Sports pour tous (Sports for All) season starts 1 October 2022. This year, there are more than 180 sports and keep-fit classes to choose from! The activities are held from Monday to Sunday, at gyms, swimming pools and outdoors at more than 30 sites across the city.

Sports classes for young people

The programme for young people includes around 30 sports activities: skateboarding, cycling, ice skating, zumba, breakdance, general fitness, weight machine workout, indoor football, multisports, volleyball, badminton, billiards, chess, archery, table tennis, aikido and more.

Traditional and out-of-the-ordinary sports activities for adults

The sports programme for adults includes more than 100 weekly classes: stretching, general fitness, restorative fitness, preventative fitness, abs/back, midday workout, family fitness for parents & kids (ages 1–4), aerobics, fitness for skiing, body shaping, weight machine workout, water aerobics, aqua jogging, hydrogym, jogging, Nordic walking, non-competitive volleyball and more.

Alongside these traditional sports activities, the programme also includes some out-of-the-ordinary ones, such as introductory curling sessions, ice skating for parents & kids (ages 4–11, field hockey, self-defence, fitness fiesta, cross fitness, tai chi and qi gong.

Sports activities for people aged 55+

The sports programme for seniors offers activities tailored to the physical abilities of people aged 55 and up: walking, Nordic walking, stretching, gentle fitness, sports for seniors, gentle weight machine workout, dance for seniors, fitness for skiing, aquafit, pétanque on ice, badminton, chess and more.

New brochures: "Sports pour tous" and "Guide du sport"

The new "Sports pour tous – autumn-winter" brochure sets out the entire sports programme and includes practical information. It is supplemented by the "Guide du sport", which gives a comprehensive overview of everything sports-related in Luxembourg City, including sporting events, clubs and associations, as well as all the sports facilities (sports halls, swimming pools, football pitches, tennis courts, pétanque courts, multi-use sports fields, fitness trails, cycle paths, skateparks, ice-skating rinks, etc.).

You can find these at the Service Sports, the City's sports facilities, the Bierger-Center, Luxembourg City Hall, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office and on