piano décoré devant le Palais Grand-Ducal
Sports and leisure

For the My Urban Piano project, which was held from 3 to 19 June, the City of Luxembourg set up 17 pianos in parks, popular thoroughfares and various tourist spots across the city.

As part of the project, the City launched a competition to reward the most original videos of a mini concert or an event involving the pianos. On 19 July 2022, the college of the mayor and aldermen presented the winners with their prizes: vouchers worth €150, €250 and €500, donated by the Luxembourg City Business Association (Union commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg).


"Musical performance" category

  1. Willian Fernandes
  2. Paulina den Otter
  3. Alexis Furnari

"Piano" category

  1. Christofer Miranda
  2. Léonce Dupays
  3. Alexander Komarov

Incentive prize

  1. Pit Fischer

Plans to repeat the project

In light of the resounding success of the pianos-in-public project, the City of Luxembourg has decided to repeat the initiative next year. In 2023, pianos will once again be set up across the capital waiting to be played by passers-by.