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General information

To get a new passport, Luxembourg nationals who live in Luxembourg City may submit an application to: 

Important: the procedure described below only applies to applications submitted to the Bierger-Center.

Documents to submit

The following must be submitted:

  • an identity document;
  • the expired passport, or the declaration of loss or theft;
  • proof of payment of €50 or €30 for passports valid for two years (children under the age of four).

Minors must be accompanied by one of their parents (with custody rights, if applicable) or their legal guardian.

ID photos will be taken on the spot.

Estimated waiting time

It is  13:59

Current transactions

Payment and fees

When submitting your passport application, you must provide proof of payment of €50 or €30  (for children under the age of four) to the Passport Office's CCP bank account.

This fee must be paid before submitting your application to the municipal office. It must be transferred to the following CCP account:

Beneficiary: Passport Office

IBAN: LU46 1111 1298 0014 0000


Reference: Demande de passeport biométrique pour "first name/surname"

An administrative fee of €2 must be paid when submitting the application.

Issuance and processing time

Passports can be picked up in person from the Bierger-Center seven (7) working days after submitting the application.

Estimated waiting time

It is  13:59

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Expedited procedure

With the expedited procedure, a one-time fee of €150 (€90 for children under the age of four) must be paid in advance.

Documents are issued within three working days and must be picked up from the Passport Office.

the department

Contact details

44, place Guillaume II /
2, rue Notre-Dame
L-2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours



Estimated waiting time

Current transactions

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