Project overview

In Gasperich, the City is building a new public park to be enjoyed by everyone: local residents, pupils at the Ban de Gasperich school complex and people working at the business park, but also residents from all over Luxembourg City and the Grand Duchy as well as tourists.

Biodiversity will be given utmost priority: the park will feature a wide variety of indigenous trees and shrubs, as well as an orchard and dry grassland. In addition, a stretch of the Drosbach River will be restored to a more natural state. Once the work is complete, the park will span 16.6 hectares, making it the largest in Luxembourg City.

Work began at the start of February 2020, and is scheduled to be completed in spring 2023 (based on projections, and barring any unforeseen events).

Works schedule

Commencement of work: summer 2020
Planned completion: spring 2023


  • Pond (7,000 m2)
  • Restoration of an 810 m stretch of the Drosbach River, which will help reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Recreational equipment and facilities:
    • Large playground with a climbing forest theme, suitable for all ages
    • Multi-use sports field, beach-volleyball court, outdoor gym (cross-trainers and other standard equipment)
    • Pétanque courts
  • Other features: pavilion, 630 m boardwalk, rest areas and pergolas, bridges, street furniture (benches, lounge chairs, picnic tables, etc.).
  • Public toilets in two locations
  • Restaurant/snack bar with terrace at the main entrance to the park

Landscape design

  • Grassy areas for recreation and relaxation
  • Dry grassland
  • Meadows cared for with late-mowing practices (for maximum biodiversity)
  • Alluvial forest and marshy areas along the Drosbach RIver
  • Indigenous trees to create shady areas and line the park; an orchard with tall trees
  • Planted shrubs and flowerbeds of perennials
  • Network of branching paths (total length of approximately 4,000 m):
    • main loop with a sealed surface for cyclists, pedestrians, etc. (1,350 m long and 4 wide)
    • network of paths with permeable surfacing (2,200 m)
    • boardwalk along the Drosbach River (550 m)


There will be a total of seven entrances, with the main one located on Boulevard de Kockelscheuer.

The park will be well served by public transport, and there will be a 46-space car park.

Progress to date

What work has already been completed?

Owing to archaeological surveys and the measures introduced to halt the spread of COVID-19, structural works only began in August 2020.

What remains to be done?

Works are scheduled to be carried out as follows:

  • Planting: from summer 2021
  • Carpentry: from autumn 2021
  • Road bridge: Winter 2021/2022
  • Playground: Autumn 2022
  • Electrical work: October 2022
  • Street furniture: January 2023
  • Project completion scheduled for: spring 2023 (based on projections, and barring any unforeseen events)