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Reduced mobility

All buses operated by the City of Luxembourg have manual or electric ramps. Lowered floors are standard on buses operated by the City of Luxembourg.

All vehicles have priority seating in the front section for people with reduced mobility, pregnant women and seniors. If you choose to sit here, please be prepared to give up your seat to passengers who need it more than you.

Buses have a central space (opposite the middle doors) for wheelchairs and prams. On articulated buses, a second space that can accommodate a pram is located near the third door.

Next stop announcements

Stops are announced visually (on screens) for the hearing impaired and audibly for the visually impaired and for people with reduced mobility.

Requesting a stop

Stop request buttons are placed in such a way as to be accessible from all seats on the bus. Some stop request buttons also have writing in Braille.

Don't forget to push the button when nearing your stop! If the bus is full and no stop request has been made, the driver will continue without halting. If this happens, you must continue on the bus until the next stop.

After pushing the stop request button, check to see whether the request has been registered. The "De Bus hält" indicator will light up and/or the word "STOP" will appear on the information screen in the central aisle of the bus.

Automatic doors

Doors on standard buses and "front" doors on articulated buses

The "front" doors on our articulated buses, as well as those on standard buses, start to close automatically a few seconds after the driver pushes a button and an audible signal is sounded.

Automatic "Back" doors on articulated buses

Getting off the bus

Articulated vehicles have automatic doors. Once the bus has come to a stop, the traveller must open the door themselves by pushing a button located near the door.

Getting on and off the bus

Bus doors are equipped with detectors that automatically reopen the doors if a passenger is in the yellow zone (marked on the floor) or between the doors.

All bus doors

On all our buses, whenever a door begins to close, the indoor and outdoor stop-request buttons are deactivated. At the same time, the motion detectors inside the bus (above the door) and the pressure sensors in the rubber door seals are activated.


If a passenger tries to exit/alight while the doors are already closing, the doors may briefly close on them before the motion and/or pressure sensors have time to react. Our drivers cannot stop this from happening. Please don't blame them. They will gladly take you where you want to go!

Passenger guide

If you have reduced mobility, it is important to:

  • be seated when the bus starts to move;
  • press the stop request button in good time;
  • wait for the vehicle to stop before leaving your seat to get off the bus.

When you get on the bus, do not hesitate to ask the driver to wait until you are seated before driving on, or even specify the stop where you want to get off.

Vehicle fleet

As at 1 October 2021, the Service Autobus (Bus Department) had a fleet of 148 buses, comprising 73 standard buses, 61 articulated buses, 7 midibuses and 7 minibuses. The average age of our fleet is 6.86 years for standard buses, 6.25 years for articulated buses, 9.68 and 7.51 years respectively for midi- and minibuses.

In terms of eco-friendliness, the fleet has 48 EURO6-powered buses, of which 15 are standard and 32 are articulated (of which 37 are hybrid-electric buses). 87 buses have a EURO5/EEV engine (48 standard, 29 articulated and 7 midibuses). Of the 7 minibuses, 3 are equipped with a EURO4 engine, and 3 with a EURO6 engine


To recharge hybrid-electric buses, Luxembourg City has 2 charging stations. One is at the "Cents-Waassertuerm" stop and has two pantographs, and the second station (also equipped with two pantographs) is located at the "Centre Hospitalier" stop. These two stations allow lines 9, 13, 14 and 24 to recharge at their respective terminals.

Animals, bikes and bulky items


You can bring your pet on the bus only if it can be kept on your lap without inconveniencing other passengers.

Animals that, because of their size, cannot be held on one's lap must be kept on the floor on a leash.

Dogs that might bother or pose a danger to surrounding passengers must be muzzled.

Animals travel free of charge.


You can bring your bike on the bus free of charge as long as there is enough space and it does not inconvenience other travellers.

However, we reserve the right for our bus drivers and security personnel to refuse to allow bikes on the bus in any given situation. Cyclists are never given priority over other travellers.

Mopeds, motorcycles, etc. are not allowed on public transport.

Bulky items

You are allowed to bring items with you on the bus that are easy to carry (such as hand-held parcels), provided this does not violate tax, police or administrative regulations.

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