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Public transport

Route and schedule changes are planned as part of the City's ongoing drive to improve public-transport services.

AVL line 2

As part of the works to extend the T1 tram line up to the temporary terminus, "Lycée Bouneweg", changes to the bus line 2 route are planned. The line 2 route will continue on from the current terminus ("Demy Schlechter"), with stops at "Willibrord" and "Lycée Bouneweg / LTB", before terminating at the "Lycée Bouneweg" transport hub in Rue d'Ivoix (approx. 100 m from the tram station).

Buses travelling in the opposite direction will leave from "Lycée Bouneweg / PE Quai 6", with a stop at "Lycée Bouneweg / LTB", before continuing on to "Jules Fischer" following their normal route.

Due to the festivities planned as part of the inauguration of the new section of the tram line, the new line 2 route will apply from Monday, 12 September 2022.

AVL line 3

Route changes in the vicinity of the Bonnevoie transport hub: the following temporary stops will be opened in Rue d'Ivoix, near Place de Durbuy: "Quai 9" for buses travelling towards "Beggen, Henri Dunant", and "Quai 10" for buses travelling towards "Howald, Waassertuerm (CIPA)".

AVL line 6

Schedule changes for night-time buses on Sundays.

AVL line 9

Introduction of an additional bus service between the city centre (departing from "Hamilius" at 7:30) and Hamm ("Rue de Bitbourg"), operating on weekdays when school is in session.

AVL lines 10 and 11

Route changes affecting both lines in the centre of Steinsel. The public-space development project provides for the closure of the "Steinsel, Michel Rodange Plaz" terminus in the short term.

Starting in autumn 2022, the "Buergaass" stop in Rue de la Forêt will serve as the new line 10 terminus. During the transition, the current terminus in Place Michel Rodange will remain open.

From 11 September 2022, line 11 buses will terminate at the "Kennedy" terminus in the industrial park.

Buses travelling in both directions will stop at "Um Gruef" in Rue Basse.

AVL line 20

As part of a joint initiative with the municipality of Roeser, the line 20 route will continue on past "Cloche d'Or" on weekdays to serve the "Parc Luxite" business park in Kockelscheuer. The new stops in the municipality of Roeser are "Kockelscheuer-Um Plateau", "Kockelscheuer-Louis Ackermann" and "Kockelscheuer-Parc Luxite".

AVL line 27

Route changes between "Cloche d'Or" and Kockelscheuer. Buses operating along the route will now stop at "Émile Bian", "Schaarfen Eck" and "Stade de Luxembourg".

Due to the low ridership, the 7:38 extra service between Luxembourg Central Station and Kockelscheuer will be discontinued.

AVL line 29

Introduction of a morning bus service to improve connections to the airport. Buses will depart daily from "Lycée Bouneweg / LTB" at 4:04 (and from Luxembourg Central Station at 4:09) and arrive at the airport at 4:26.

The "Findel, Cité Aéroport" stop has been renamed "Findel, Gréiwelscheierhaff".

AVL line 32

The "Mischekopp" terminus in Kirchberg, which up until now has been used as a service stop only, will now be opened for commercial service – users will now be able to board and disembark at this stop.

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