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31 regular lines

To make sure residents enjoy a high quality of life, the City of Luxembourg is doing its utmost to optimise public transport in the capital.

Currently, 31 regular bus lines (2 to 32) serve the city's various districts, with some extending to neighbouring municipalities. These bus lines are operated by the City of Luxembourg.

Since December 2020, the tram line (T1) forms the backbone of the public transport network, replacing the bus connections between Kirchberg and Luxembourg Central Station, which were provided by a number of municipal and regional (RGTR) bus lines. Most AVL bus lines connect to the tram line, promoting intermodal travel in the city.

One key mission of the AVL network is to connect each area of Luxembourg City with at least one of the city's two central districts, namely Gare and Ville-Haute. Some bus lines (4, 10, 13, 14, 18) connect to both these hubs.

The 7 night-bus lines

Every Friday and Saturday night, the 7 "City Night Bus" lines cover most of the city.

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