Project description

The City plans to carry out upgrade works on Boulevard Emmanuel Servais and Boulevard Paul Eyschen in Limpertsberg. These works will be done in cooperation with:

  • VDL – Service Voirie (Roads Department): Redevelopment of the road superstructure on Boulevard Emmanuel Servais and part of Boulevard Paul Eyschen, including parking bays, tree pits and pedestrian crossings.
  • VDL – Service Canalisation (Sewer Department): Replacement of the rainwater and wastewater drains.
  • VDL – Service Eaux (Water Department): Complete replacement of the principal water main on Boulevard Emmanuel Servais and part of Boulevard Paul Eyschen, and replacement of deteriorated home utility connections.
  • VDL – Service Éclairage public (Public Lighting Department): Renewal and enhancement of the public lighting system, and replacement of street lamps.
  • VDL – Service TIC (ICT Department): Extension and/or upgrade of Luxembourg City's fibre-optic network as part of the completion of the related Master Plan. Extension of the Hotcity network.
  • Creos Luxembourg SA Électricité: Replacement and enhancement of the low-voltage (220V) grid, which is insufficient by its current design, and the condition of which has deteriorated. Replacement of home utility connections. Repairs to the public lighting and Hotcity connections.
  • Creos Luxembourg SA Gaz: Complete replacement of the principal gas main on Boulevard Emmanuel Servais, and replacement of home utility connections that have deteriorated.
  • Post Luxembourg: Replacement of old cables with high-speed fibre-optic ones, and replacement of home utility connections.

Works schedule

Commencement of work: January 2021

Planned duration: 18 months

Planned completion: summer 2022

Traffic information

What is the current traffic situation?

For vehicular traffic:

The affected streets will be closed off to traffic, one by one, as the project progresses. One-way traffic will be allowed to circulate on Boulevard Emmanuel Servais. The section of Boulevard Paul Eyschen between Boulevard Emmanuel Servais and Côte d'Eich will be closed to traffic.

Vehicular access to private properties will be maintained as long as physically possible. Pedestrian access and access for emergency services will be guaranteed throughout the duration of the works.  

For businesses and deliveries:

The City of Luxembourg will try to ensure access for deliveries to local businesses throughout the duration of the works.

For public-transport users:

No changes.

As work progresses, there will be changes to the flow of traffic in this area.

Progress to date

Project update:

Commencement of work: late January 2021  

How long will the work take?

Planned completion: summer 2022

What work has already been completed?

On-site inspections have been completed.

What remains to be done?

On 25 January 2021, the contractor will begin conducting preparatory work and laying temporary water and gas mains on Boulevard Emmanuel Servais. The contractor will also start working on the sewers on the intersection of Boulevard Paul Eyschen and Boulevard Emmanuel Servais.

Your home utility connections

  • As part of the construction project, City representatives and private contractors will visit residents' homes
  • to assess the condition of their existing connections.
  • If you wish to have your existing connections replaced, please inform the City representatives during this on-site inspection.

If you experience any problems with your gas, water or communications networks, please call the numbers below, which are available 24/7:

  • Service Eaux – Tel.: 4796-2883
  • Creos Électricité – Tel.: 8002-9900
  • Creos Gaz – Tel.: 8007-3001
  • Post Luxembourg – Tel.: 8002-8004
  • Eltrona – Tel.: 499 466 888

Stay informed

To make life easier for residents while these works are being carried out, the City of Luxembourg has implemented a series of measures, including the option to participate in meetings regarding the progress of the work. Residents affected by the works may participate in these meetings to obtain additional information about the project's progress and present any complaints they may have.

Weekly site meetings

The date will be published shortly.

Contacts for this work site

VDL – Service Coordination des chantiers Martine Fey 4796-2804

VDL – Construction mediators