Online children's activities

Various City departments have a range of educational, artistic and/or fun activities for children during this difficult time.

Keep the kids entertained with a wide variety of reading material, tips and ideas in French and German, as well as song and videos.

Skipping rope techniques

Tutorials by staff members of the Service Foyers scolaires (Childcare Department).

Yoga fir Kanner

Yoga classes (in Luxembourgish) taught by Service Foyers scolaires staff.


An dëser Zäit

Cheer yourself up during this difficult time and say thank you to everyone with this song composed and recorded by the Centre Verdi team of the Service Enseignement (Education Department).


The Activités-nature team of the Service Enseignement has come up with a variety of fun and creative activities to explore nature.

Springtime in bloom


Fruit and vegetables


Get creative


RAGI (Richteg akafe gutt iessen) is a project provided by the Service Foyers scolaires.


The "Spillraumprojet" is provided by the Service Foyers scolaires.